Empowering Connected Independence Through Technology

Who Is It For

NFlyte is a platform designed specifically to help autistic adults live independently with the remote help of their families and caregivers.

NFlyte is for…

NFlyte Is For Families

  • Families supporting an autistic adult with independent living skills
  • Families managing multiple therapists/caregivers who are supporting their autistic adult child with independent living skills
  • Autistic adults living independently with the help of their families
  • Students in inclusive post-secondary programs
  • Autistic adults who have therapists helping them with independent living skills
  • Neurodiverse adults
  • Adult with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

NFlyte Is For Support Programs

  • Inclusive post-secondary programs
  • Residential programs for neurodiverse adults
  • Therapists coaching autistic adults with independent living skills

NFlyte provides a central location for managing daily living activities while allowing families/caregivers to connect remotely to view progress and make modifications. Parents can stay informed by viewing uploaded photos of daily living accomplishments, completed independent living skills, and a success tracking scorecard.

Independent. Connected. Peace of Mind.