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NFlyte helps programs supporting autistic adults with independent living skills

Created For Your Community

NFlyte is a mobile app and web-based portal designed to support adults with autism and/or other developmental disabilities transition to an independent living.

Programs Supporting Autistic Adults. NFlyte is an All-In-One Life Skills App For Autistic Adults Who Need Support Living Independently

*The web-based portal is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox

With NFlyte, the program manager and support staff has complete visibility into the progress of each adult in their community and can assign tasks to several users at one time or create a task for a specific individual.

Save time and increase efficiency for your support staff!

Who is it for?

Group of people around table. NFlyte for Programs Supporting Autistic Adults.
  • Inclusive post-secondary programs
  • Residential programs for neurodiverse adults
  • Therapists coaching autistic adults with independent living skills

Program managers can use NFlyte to stay connected to many individuals at once, manage their schedules, receive real-time feedback and compare success over periods of time.

Manage schedule - Customize tasks - Share documents
Add recipes - Track mood & more

Are cooking skills part of your program?  Add sensory-friendly recipes and get feedback on how they liked the meal. 

The ability to remotely view which tasks have been completed will give the adult more freedom while also feeling supported.They can even upload a photo of the completed task to share their success.

NFlyte For Programs

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    Support Roles

    Assign as many support admins as you need to an adult user to customize support

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    Visual schedule

    Set tasks to be added to their daily planner

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    Check Progress

    Review completed tasks and watch how they have improved over time

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    Set Notifications

    Send notifications for group activities, individual of encouragement and more

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    Success Scorecard

    Track how individuals are doing by day, week or month and identify areas of success and opportunities for coaching

The Journey To Supported Independence

NFlyte dashboard for Programs Supporting Autistic Adults.
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    Remote Editing & Sharing
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    Stay connected to many adults at once
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    Assign caretakers 
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    Track Progress

Join the NFlyte community today and be one of the first ones to empower your adults with autism or I/DD to live their best life!