Fostering Independent living Skills

Helping autistic adults transition to adulthood with the remote help of their families and caregivers.

Explore the benefits:

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    Your adult child can now navigate everyday life with ease to achieve independent living goals
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    NFlyte promotes self-improvement and fosters independence
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    Build practical life skills to empower adults to live their most independent life.
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    Parents can manage daily routines remotely and track success 

Designed For

  • Adults with autism and/or other developmental disabilities with support needs.
  • With NFlyte adults can begin living their most independent life while staying connected with their families
NFlyte, who is it for?

Adult children never have to feel alone, as they develop confidence to handle more responsibilities in their life.

Let NFlyte support their journey progressively and remotely, so they are confident that you will always be there to support them during college, work and life time. 

NFlyte is both a mobile app for you and a web-based portal for your family and caregivers.

NFlyte for autistic adults

With NFlyte the adult child and their family/caregivers can manage schedule, customize tasks, create grocery lists, upload documents and everything else to help keep their day on track.

Visual Schedule icon

Visual Schedule

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Task Reminders icon

Task Reminder

Community Cookbook icon

Community Cookbook

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Check Progress

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Document Holder

Who is it for?

NFlyte, who is it for?
  • Adults living independently with the help of their families
  • Adults looking to gain independent living skills
  • Students in inclusive post-secondary programs
  • Adults living in assisted residential communities

A life skills app that gives you the confidence to seize the day!

Those who help support the adult with planning can remotely view and edit all items from their desktop portal and those changes go straight to their mobile app.

Independence Doesn’t Have To Be Done Alone

Achieve your independent living goals while being connected every step of the way.

NFlyte is here to support adults with autism every step of the way.

With the mobile your adult child can

  • Reminders icon

    Receive Reminders

    Set as many reminders as you want for each task

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    Check out Your Day

    A visual schedule to help you achieve your daily goals

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    Store and share documents

    Upload bus routes and work schedules. Storage passwords, etc.

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    Meal Prep

    Prepare and share nutritious meals with the NFlyte community

We are constantly developing to make sure our tools can benefit autistic adults and their family towards achieving independent living skills. 

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