Aging with Autism: Innovations for Independent Living to Address the Housing Crisis

The number of autistic students leaving high school has been estimated to reach up to 1 million over the next decade. Technology can play a big part in empowering independence…

Entrepreneur Minute – Stacey Ledbetter, NFlyte

The NFlyte team is proud to be partnering with Oak Tree Farm, and the Coastal Carolina University LIFE program…

Promoting Independence For Young Adults With Autism

It’s not uncommon for young adults with autism to experience uncertainty and isolation during the transition to adulthood.

NFlyte Launches First Life Skills App Built for Autistic Adults and their Families

Adults with autism can manage their lives independently with easy-to-use technology while giving parents full remote visibility into daily progress and accomplishments.

Local women develops app to support independence in autistic adults

Autism does not go away upon an 18th birthday or after graduating from high school. Autistic children grow up to be autistic adults, who are suddenly thrust into a world with little to no accommodations for them.

Rise in Autism Diagnoses Partly Tied to Data Collection Methods

“There’s a lot of focus on autism in children,” she added. “But a lot of people don’t realize that 80 percent of all autistic individuals are adults – 5½ million. It’s a real problem that doesn’t go away as they (become) adults.”

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A Life Skills App to Help Autistic College Students Thrive

A life skills app for college students with ASD, intellectual and other cognitive disabilities that helps them thrive while parents use an easy portal to keep track.


About NFlyte

NFlyte is an All-In-One Life Skills App For Autistic Adults that supports the transition to adulthood and provides autistic adults with valuable life skills and the security of remote support…


An All-In-One Life Skills App for Autistic Adults

Are you the parent of an autistic adult? Are you looking for a way to help them gain independence while still providing them with the support they need? Our all-in-one platform….