Support Your Autistic Adult Child's Journey Towards Independence

NFlyte is a web-based portal for families designed to remotely support autistic adults to develop practical life skills.

Help your Adult Child Launch and Thrive

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*The web-based portal is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox

Autistic Adults Deserve The Dignity Of Independence With The Security Of Support!

Manage Schedule - Customize Tasks - Share Documents
Add Recipes - & More

NFlyte simplifies and streamlines your autistic adult child’s daily routines, so you can have peace of mind.

Our all-in-one life skills mobile app and web-based platform is designed to support your autistic adult achieve their independent living goals while keeping you connected every step of the way.

What you can do with NFlyte:

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    Create a visual schedule

    Plan your autistic adult’s daily routine with our easy-to-use visual schedule and let them explore independence.

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    Add users and get connected

    You can have up to 3 additional users which may include autistic adults, family members, caregivers and/or therapists.

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    Make edits remotely

    Families can make edits while on the go and have those updates immediately appear on the user’s mobile app. Start adding responsibilities to your adult child to build independent living skills.

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    Add recipes

    Add their favorite recipe to the community cookbook, help with meal planning and let them explore the art of cooking.

Modern Daily Living Skills Tools for the Whole Family

Now that your autistic child is an adult, you want to help them be independent but understand they will need support along the way.

  • NFlyte is an all-in-one life skills app for autistic adults to live more independently
  • Built with multi-feature modules customizable by you 
  • The security of full visibility into how your adult child is progressing through their day 
  • Families stay connected and have confidence that independence is possible

A Multi-Feature Mobile App for Autistic Adults & Web-Based Family Portal
Watch NFlyte in Action

Caregivers can view the user’s schedule, completed daily living activities, and uploaded photos of completed tasks.
All from home or on the go!

NFlyte provides the practical life skills and executive functioning support your loved one needs to thrive.

Join the NFlyte community today and start empowering your loved one to live their most independent life!

Connected. Independent. Peace of mind.